"How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God." Psalm 84:1-2

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

Here are some of our latest pictures and happenings and things to come.......
I celebrated my birthday at the beginning of this month. I had a joint celebration with my brother who has a birthday at the end of March! I only took one picture which is on the left! Gene got me a massage as my gift which was very relaxing and much needed by the end of the week!! My birthday was mostly spent taking care of Hayden because he was puking and sick! I had to hold him for 3 days straight and he ended up with an ear infection in one ear! His temperature got incredibly high..... 104.5 and not responding to medicine!!!!! I was scared to death and felt like I had to watch him every second that night. He felt like a little oven! Finally, he started to feel better just in time for me to go to the women's retreat at church that weekend!! The picture on the right is of two little creeks becoming one that I took while on a prayer walk! I thought it was cool! It was a refreshing weekend!

Last week I took the kids to the Children's museum which they love!! Grace attended a class about flowers, so the boys and I got to hang by ourselves a little bit which was fun! They were even doing free face painting which Grace really wanted to do so we got in line. They turned out cute but standing in line for 30 mins holding a squirmy Hayden and trying to keep Dax in line was not so much fun!

Grace chose the girly theme as you can see! Dax would not hold still long enough for her to do anything on his face, so instead he got a spider on his arm.

The boys checking out one of their favorite exhibits!
Some other happenings that have kept us busy.....
*We went to see Gene's family in Ohio the last weekend in March. It was a good visit and one that the kids always enjoy. We even got to visit Gene's High school for "Fun Day" which is a carnival type event and then later got to visit with the Sieferts whom we hadn't seen for awhile.
*I just finished leading the Beth Moore Bible study and I am most likely starting a new 6 week one the beginning of May.
* I attended my good friend Kiana's bridal shower this past weekend which was fun!! She is going to be such a beautiful bride!
* Gene and I attended a wedding this weekend also! It was a late night one and so beautifully decorated!! The kiddos stayed with my mom and got do movie night which they thought was fun!!
*I am totally overwhelmed by resumes for the pastoral search committee! We have between 70-80 now and they just keep coming. I am enjoying the process though and praying that God would just direct us to the right one!! ;)
Here are some exciting things to come.........
*Gene's parents are coming down this weekend to watch the kids Friday and Saturday so that Gene and I can attend the Homeschool Convention in Indy!!! I am sooo excited about it and I can't wait!! I am such a nerd but I love looking at all the curriculum and the endless possibilities for homeschool! My main goal is to find a phonics curriculum for Grace's kindergarten program. The other great thing is that Gene and I are going by ourselves!!! Yeah!!! We get to stay at a hotel and eat at big people's restaurants!!! I can't wait!!!
*THEN next weekend I have another very exciting thing happening!!!!! Grace and I are going to Florida for 4 days!!!!! My friend Kiana is getting married in Southern Florida on the beach!! I have never been to a destination wedding so I can not wait! Plus, Grace gets to experience flying on an airplane and seeing the Ocean which is exciting for me too. She has done both but 2 1/2 years ago is a long time so it will all be new to her! Gene is staying home with the boys but they are going to have some fun too! Gene couldn't take a vacation yet at his new job or we would have gone down as a family for a whole week. Then flying us all down there would have been crazy expensive so instead of attending it by myself ...... I decided it should be girl time and I am just taking Grace!! No strollers or diaper bags.... just Grace and I!!!! (though I will miss my boys)
PS I have one more very exciting thing to tell you about but it deserves it's own post so you will have to wait till tomorrow or late tonight if I can't wait!!


Stephen & Michelle said...

Cute pictures and great update on everything going on...how exciting!!

I am VERY anxious to hear what your exciting news is...I am just like a curious little kid :) :) I love hearing and seeing exciting things that God is doing in other people's lives!!

Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

You are such a tease!!! You make us all so anxious!!

Anonymous said...

We are patiently waiting for the big news......can't wait to find out.


Michelle McCallum said...

You guys have been busy! What is with all the cliffhangers?! I want to know your news :)