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Monday, June 16, 2008

Swimming lessons.......

Grace and Dax attended their very first swimming lessons last week! We have them this week too! The kids seem to be learning lots and having fun too!

Grace is just learning the basics and she gets to go to class all by herself! She isn't afraid to do anything that they ask her and can now hold her breath underwater!! She is enjoying the lessons immensely and counts down the minute till class time!!

Dax is attending the parent/tot class with Gene! (I may try it this week with him) He seems to really like it too until he gets cold! He has been like this since he was little but every time we go swimming he eventually gets so cold that he shivers, shakes, and his lips turn blue! I have asked the Doctor about it but she says every kid regulates temperatures differently. His lessons are only 30 mins long but about 15 mins into it he starts to get really cold. Despite being cold, he really does like it and seems to be enjoying all the games they play and swimming with his daddy! (Dax likes it when Gene throws him up in the air like in the picture above)

Hayden and I just hang out while they are in their lessons! He loves to run around, climb on the tables and lounge in the layout chairs like a big boy!

Sometimes we get there a little early just to play before their lessons! Here are some cute pictures of Hayden enjoying the water geysers!!

He really liked it when Gene would hold him over it and let the water spray on his belly


Trevor and Kristy Kaufman said...

I need to get Kendall into some swimming classes! She loves the water too but needs to learn how to go under. Hayden has gotten so big! I will get internet soon I promise.

dasiefert said...

We finally took Aleyse swimming last night. At 2 months old we are definitly breaking her in early. I think we took Devin at 6 weeks! She didn't like it as much as Devin. I hope your kids enjoy the water like Devin