"How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God." Psalm 84:1-2

Monday, August 25, 2008

39 weeks and counting..........

6 more days
I am officially "nesting"!!! I have been cleaning and organizing everything these past few days! I just want everything to be ready and perfect for when Asher comes!! Thanks to my little trio.......my main problem is trying to keep all my hard work from becoming a mess again! (wink wink!) I am so exhausted though and just can't wait to get better sleep!

My appointment on Friday was pretty routine! My blood pressure was 110/62, I lost a pound, the baby's heart beat was in the 150's, I am a tight 3 centimeters, and 70-80% effaced!! I have been having lots of pressure, lower backache and my braxton hicks are getting more uncomfortable which are good signs!

Like I tell Gracie all the time.......only God knows when Asher will be born!!
I think the kids are really picking up on the fact that it will be soon because they have shown an increased interest in my belly these days! Grace has been showing interest for the past couple of months but Dax has finally figured out that a real baby is in there! Hayden notices something is different but doesn't quite get he will have to share Mommy more then normal soon!
Here are some sweet moments:
*Grace laying her head on my belly to talk to him, kiss him or feel Asher move!!
*Dax playing cars on my belly pretending my bump is a mountain!
*Hayden lifting up my shirt as if to say, "What is underneath there?"
*All kids laughing at my belly button being flat and non-existent!
*Dax saying he can't see baby Asher and Grace responding that it's because Mom's skin is in the way!!
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Kiana said...

Keep me posted!! Cant wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute!!! Good luck with everything!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait....just a matter of days now


Danell Phillips said...

Bet you can't wait, I know I got excited when it was getting time. To answer your questions from my blog, yes Cassie loves it. I really don't miss her to be mean but I work 8:45a-1:30pm and she goes to school 7:50a-2:30pm which is great for my schedule. I drop her off and then I pick her up so it is great and Daddy watches Darren till I get home and then he goes to work. I love our schedules but hate not seeing each other. Guess that is what the weekends are for when he doesn't work which has been every weekend this summer. Take care and can't wait to see baby pictures.

Natalie said...

Oh how exciting! You'll be meeting little Asher so soon :) I can't wait to see pictures!! Sorry you're so uncomfortable and tired. I'll be praying for a smooth delivery. And, Happy Anniversary!

dasiefert said...

Take care of yourself and don't over do it. The baby will be here before you know it. Sounds like all the kids are excited and ready for a new baby brother. We are praying your delivery is healthy and quick.

Happy Anniversary!

dasiefert said...

Just read your post on my blog. We are heading to IN this weekend. Connersville to be exact. We will be thinking of you while we are having fun and you will be having a baby. Take Care!!