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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heading home from the Hospital....

All dressed and ready to go home!!

Asher and I ready to be wheeled out of the hospital!!

Everyone admiring baby Asher!

Gene tickling the boys!! So funny and cute!!

Posing for one last picture in the Hospital!!
Other Random things to mention......
*Was I overdue or not??? At my 20 week ultrasound I was measuring one week behind at 19 weeks, so my mid-wife wanted to change my due date to September 7th. Not too long after that is when we changed doctors because of insurance and they actually changed my due date back to August 31st. Maybe I wasn't quite over due but since he was bigger than my others maybe he was?? I guess we will never know!
*At first he seemed so much bigger than the rest of my babies but after some of that original swelling went down he doesn't seem that much different anymore!! (size-wise) He is still so little to me!
*Our first night with him the nurse said to watch him closely because since his face was already blue (because of the bruising) it would be hard to tell if he was choking or not! (He had a lot of mucous to get rid of at first!!) Thanks alot.... I didn't sleep well that night! He actually slept great but just made lots of noises which of course freaked me out!
*Asher was actually in the special care nursery for part of the second day because he was breathing too fast. He seemed to have the most trouble right after nursing or when he was spitting up which he was doing alot! Since they had to monitor his breathing he was only allowed to come back to nurse. They finally figured out that he is going to have acid reflux like the other boys. My doctor prescribed Zantac and it has gotten tons better!


Michelle McCallum said...

That must have been hard to have him in the nursery the second day. At least you were able to nurse him. How is the acid reflux doing? When do you babies grow out of it?

I am glad that everything is going well.

Michelle McCallum said...

I just saw Dax's quote on the sidebar- how funny!! I remember after Grace was born, David stared at my stomach the first few days. Probably wondering what in the world happened to it.

Anonymous said...

At least you know about the reflux thing already and you know that your kids grow out of it! Wont be long and he'll be over it! Hope all is well. You have a beautiful little family.

Stephen and Michelle said...

Yuck on the acid reflux...that was probably my biggest frustration with both kids...Titus was more projectile, but Damaris kept at it for over a whole year!!!!!!! Is he fussy with it too, or not too bad? Hope things are continuing to go OK...I haven't checked any blogs in so long, so I am pretty behind :( :( I enjoyed catching up on yours!!!