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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In Other News............
While we all wait for the impending birth of baby Asher here are some pictures and news to keep ya busy!! ;)

We recently took the kids to their dentist appointments and all was good!!
It was Hayden's first time at the dentist and he actually did really well! Here is a picture of Grace's big lip!! (Kinda funny looking... Gene really wanted me to post it!!)
Hayden had his 18 month appointment last Friday! She said everything looks great and he's a healthy boy!! He is 75% for height and 15% for weight! She isn't worried about his weight but she did suggest trying to fatten him up a bit! He is actually a really good eater but it won't hurt to try to get a few more calories in him! He got two shots too!
Gene's parents came into town expecting us to have the baby this past weekend but of course we didn't! So now they are hanging out here until something happens! We went for a walk on campus the other day and here are some pictures of the fountain the kids enjoyed!!

Gene's parents walking with Grace and Dax!
I thought this one was really cute!!


mary said...

what the heck happened to Grace's lip?

Michelle McCallum said...

How cute! We had to fatten David up a while back too and we ended up giving him heavy cream mixed with this whole milk. Not good for long term, but it helps to add calories and fat short term.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe her little lip...you were right, it was HUGE! poor thing. at least she has a smile on her face!