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Friday, October 17, 2008

Soccer Time.....

Soccer Games

"Go Twisters!!"
Grace's team having some team spirit!! She is the blond one on the left side.
Do any of you BC folks recognize her coach?
Grace is the blond in the middle!
Grace really liked soccer this year! She did a great job! She is so funny because she such a free spirit that she sometimes stops to daydream right there on the field! She is also very sweet and encouraging to her team which made us very proud! She even encourages the other team when she knows the kids! You will frequently hear her say Good Job Jack or Good job such and such! I pray she will always be an encourager!
Dax's team name was "Lil Red hots"
Dax started off a little shaky at first! He did not want to participate in practice or games but the last two weeks have gone so much better! He finally got out there on the field and realized he enjoyed it! I have noticed that most of the 3 year olds have had that problem from time to time!

Dax is the one closest to the ball.
It is so cute to see these little guys run around after the ball!

It was so sweet to see him enjoy making goals and having fun once he got out there on the field!
It is always a fun afternoon watching them play soccer! Hayden has done a pretty good job at the games! I thought I would have to chase him everywhere but it hasn't been that bad! It might help that I bring snacks for him and he has this cute little chair to sit in!! Wink wink!
Asher usually sleeps during the games! He dreams of playing soccer!!


Michelle M. said...

I cannot wait for David to be able to play soccer. Maybe next year :)

The Knapp's said...

Annie!!! How do you do this with your gorgeous pictures? I want to put mine side by side and can't figure it out! :(

Help! I'm desperate!

(Love reading your blog, btw!)