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Friday, November 28, 2008

Final soccer game......

Our Final Goof off Soccer game
Okay, so I know you guys think my kids are total superstars on the soccer fields and you totally want to know all of their secrets so here they are.........

1. Care about your teammates
Dax frequently hugged his teammates since caring about them is very important! Sometimes even making silly faces is key as Grace did in her last game!!
2. Get into the Team spirit
Dax was really good about getting everybody into the team spirit with a game of "Ring around the Rosy"!!
3. Make sure all equipment is working
They both occasionally made sure the net was working well!
4. Learn to relax
Grace showing everyone how to relax!
5. At all times... know where your belly button is...
The kids keeping track of their belly buttons during the game!!
Hope that helps your kids succeed at soccer!!
All these pictures are from their last soccer game and really did happen during the game!!! These things happen when you deal with little ones and organized sports from what I have learned! We are actually really proud of them and glad they had fun!

Grace's team with their medals.....Dax's team wouldn't hold still long enough!! ;)
Dax and Grace sporting their medals!!!! Good job kiddos!!


Kiana said...

they are super cute and I love all their skills!! Isn't it funny how kids make their own rules? You should be so proud that they love people and care about their friends at such an early age!

Jonathan, Amanda & Luke said...

What a cute post!!!! Love it! :)