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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hayden's 2nd Birthday Party.....

Happy 2nd Birthday Hayden!
As you can tell he loved his new little fire truck!
My 2nd baby boy turned two at the end of February!! We had a little celebration at home and then a party the following Sunday with family!
Hayden loves anything to do with balls so that was the theme for his birthday! We had a pasta bar with salad, garlic bread, bruschetta and fruit. Gene and I made this golf ball cake for him which turned out pretty cute. Gene had to finish for me so I could do a few other things around the house! He did a great job!

Hayden sticks out his tongue like that when he is a little nervous! It's cute! I love how Grace is instructing him on how to blow out his candles! She's such a little mommy!
"Looks yummy!"
Wouldn't it have been funny if he tried to throw the ball! ;)

Hayden opening presents.... the ball in the 2nd picture is the biggest bouncy ball I have ever seen! Pretty cool!

The kids surrounding him as he opens presents....

My mom and dad being awesome grandparents!


Miracle said...

Aw, I wish we could have been there. Eli sticks his tongue out like that, too!

The Eaglewoman said...

so cute! happy belated birthday, hayden. :)

Danell Phillips said...

Wow love the cake, you guys are talented. We don't even try making them we buy them, the easy way out.

Mary said...

Cute pictures I love the ball cake! Very cute idea

Michelle M. said...

Happy Birthday! Cute photos and that cake is great!

Grace sticks out her tongue when she gets excited :)

Stephen and Michelle said...

Time goes so fast!!! What a neat idea on the cake...I still have no idea what I am going to do for Damaris's 2nd birthday cake...

Have a great weekend!

PS...yes, we definitely will have to go camping together this summer!!!!!