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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Asher's 10 months old....

Asher turned 10 months old at the beginning of July! The month of June was very exciting because he started doing all sorts of new tricks!
The first big thing Asher started doing was crawling! Now he can get anywhere in the house and loves following us from room to room!
He loves finding the cat and laying his head on him!

Here he is Catching the cat and then upset that he lost the cat!
Another big thing he started doing shortly after turning 9 months was pulling up to stand!
In the beginning, at bedtime I had to put him down over and over again because all he wanted to do was stand in his crib! He learned pretty quickly how to get down himself though which was nice! He shares a room with Hayden and loves to laugh at him!
Asher also got his first two teeth during June!! He's been a little moody about it but he's so cute with those little teeth poking through! Growing up way to fast is the name of the game for him!!

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Michelle M. said...

Next he'll be walking... they grow up way too fast! Grace will be TWO on Saturday!