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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Royal Kingdom VBS Drama.....

Gene and Tara
Gene did an amazing job as the leader for drama! All the skits were so well done and very professional! Everyone had their lines memorized, they had practiced well, they all wore tiny microphones, the set was amazing and the acting was superb! The skits were done by a church in California and were so funny! He played Prince Otis which was the main character and Tara played Princess Star from the Land of Bucks! (anyone get it?)

Isn't he cute!!!! I just love him!
Gene jamming with the Ultimate Guitar Hero!
There were two scenes that were just so hilarious and the highlights of the week! The first one included our pastor, Justin, as Sir Dance Alot. It's always good to have a pastor who can have fun like he did with all of his dancing and MC Hammer moves! The second scene that was hilarious was when Prince Otis (Gene) met the Ultimate Guitar Hero and they had a jam session! Gene went all out and was hilarious! He rocked it out big time and I truly think he could be a real rock star!! LOL!!
Speaking of that, all the characters from the drama felt like rock stars signing shirts and getting their pictures taken with kids all week!!
I have one awesome hubby!


The Eaglewoman said...

looks like he did an amazing job...and had lots of fun! wish i could have seen the skits! :)

Mary said...

great pics of Gene! Looks like he had fun!

Stephen and Michelle said...

How fun!!