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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

11 months old.....

"Uh! Oh! face!"
Asher just can't believe that he will be one in a few short weeks!
-He got two more teeth this past month!
-He started waving and clapping!
-He will pretty much try and imitate anything we do!
-He says Mama now (All the others said Dada first)
Crazy Hair
-His crazy hair is sorta starting to calm down but still sticks up most of the time! People love his hair!!
-He's getting into things now! He likes to turn my computer off, he likes to mess with the dog food and water, and he found the stairs last month too!
-He has stood briefly by himself but doesn't have much interest in walking at all. He's taking his time with that one which is fine by me! (All the others walked by this age)
Hayden receiving a breathing treatment
-We had some breathing issues with him and Hayden at the beginning of August. They both seemed to have had an asthmatic response to a cold. They both received breathing treatments in the office in the same week. (Asher had to have two) We got sent home with Antibiotics, oral steroids, fast acting inhalers and maintenance inhalers. They are fine now which is good!!


The Eaglewoman said...

i think that shot of asher you have is one of the best baby shots of all times! love it! and poor boys with the inhaler...no fun! hope all is well! :) love to you all!

David said...

I can't believe I haven't even seen this little guy! I can't wait until you guys come and visit, sleep or no sleep, I'll take you when I can get you!
I'm signed in under Dave, and I'm not going to take the time to unsign myself,

Stephen and Michelle said...

He is so adorable...and getting so big! Crazy how fast this year has gone...