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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holiday World.....

At the end of August we headed to Holiday World as a family for the day! It is a family friendly themepark in Southern Indiana and great for kids our ages!! The kids had a blast and I'm so glad we got to go!! It was my treat because I used my saved up birthday money! :)

Hayden and Asher on the airplane ride

It was their first ride of the day

Dax and Grace

Dax on the bumper boats!

The two little boys and I on the carousal!

Grace on the swings! I rode with her and I was actually a little scared! It was super high and went super fast!

Gene and the kids at the water park area!

The Jungle jets video!!
(Grace, Gene and Dax are on the left side...lines 2-4)
I was a little nervous letting them go on this but they did perfectly fine and had a blast!!

Dax and Grace racing.....

Dax all ready to go again!!

Gene and I with the little boys!
Asher and Grace all smiles!!
Past Holiday World trips: 2007 and another post from 2007


Stephen and Michelle said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Erin said...

looks like everyone had such a fabulous time...you know, to this day i have YET to visit holiday world! looks like so much fun, especially for the little munchkins! miss you guys! :)

Mary Smith said...

Wow! I am to scared to get on those swings! Way to go Grace!

Looks like you had fun! I love Holiday World. Hopefully we will go next summer.