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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rookie Run.....

Another May event that we look forward to is the Rookie Run! Ever since I ran my first Mini-Marathon we have let the kids do this race!! I think it's great to start them towards healthy habits!! Plus, they love it!
It was Hayden's first time doing it and since Gene ran it with him...I didn't get that many good photos because I was trying to Video it!! In the first picture, you can see Gene holding Hayden's hand and running!
It's Dax's 2nd time doing it and this time his friend joined him! Gene had the camera this time was much closer and got better pictures! See the boys holding hands!! Cute!
The first picture is of Dax starting out and the second one is of him waving to me in the crowd!! He was so proud of himself!!
Dax and his buddy!!
Grace, of course loves to pose for the camera!! She also made a friend right before the race started!! She is so friendly and it's one of the many things I love about her!
Grace actually ran 1/4 of mile this year since she is 6 years old. The little kids just do two blocks but they all had fun!! It was a really hot day so I was proud of them!!
The rookie run corresponds with Indy 500 Kid's Day on the circle in downtown Indy so after the races we went to that. We didn't have too much time but we did a few things! It was a super hot day and we had a birthday party to go to later!!
Dax with Asher on the Downtown Circle!!

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Erin said...

so cool! i love seeing all those kiddos so excited to be doing such a healthy activity! :) next year will all 4 kids be able to run? what fun!