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Saturday, June 19, 2010

VBS:The Eygpt Files.....

We also had our VBS in June this year!!
We normally have it in July but moved it up a month and I loved having it in June!!
 It was great theme with lots of really cool information!! It's creation based which was really neatl!
Dax's favorite part was worship!!
His crew even won an extra treat one night because they were so passionate about worshipping the Lord!!
Grace and her crew!
My sister-in-law, Melissa, was her crew leader and did a great job!
Face painting was a daily thing with her group!!
Dax with part of his crew! His crew leader did an awesome job!
Dax during crafts....
Hayden isn't old enough for the big kid VBS but 3 year old's got to do some fun stuff too!
Hayden's little group eating cupcakes!!
Asher joined Hayden's group on the night that I helped with 3's!!
Bubbles were a big hit for this age!!
The big hit for all the older kids and some adults was the water slide!!
 It was pretty cool and you can tell by Dax's smiles how much fun he had going down it!!
Grace loved it as well!!
Gene had a couple of jobs during VBS which he enjoyed!
 He did the opening and closing speaking time each night which was fun for him! He was also in charge of the drama that was performed each night which took lots of practice time. Finally, he played the Butler in the mystery drama itself!
He did such a great job playing the Butler and even had a British accent!
As part of our missions, the kids could bring in money to put into jars! Each leader group had their own jar and whoever had the most money by the end of the week got the pie in their face. Gene's group won so they had to search for the piece of chewing gum in the pie and whoever could blow a bubble first won!! Gene actually won it! It was funny!! The kids get such a kick out of this part!!!
(I know I'm cheesing it but it's the only picture I have!!)
I took a more relaxed position this year during VBS and mostly helped where they needed me!
 I also took lots of pictures that I would love to share of other beautiful kids but can't because of privacy issues! (I'm sure most parents wouldn't mind but just in case!)
As you tell from all these smiles, VBS was a huge success!!


Stephen and Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun! Glad it went well!

Miracle said...

That looks like a great VBS! I like the one of you, it's cute! Hayden reminds me so much of Eli with his hair short, not that he looks like him, but just that little boy look with the buzzed head. Why did you just cut his hair and not the other boys?