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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve....

I broke tradition this year in what we usually get them for Christmas Eve.
Instead of buying pajamas this year, I got them Super Hero Capes!!
Please excuse the blurriness.... just pretend they really are superheros and that they are moving super fast. Ha! I had dropped my camera so my flash was broken at that time! It was actually broken for over a month till I had time to fix it! Ugh!
It was a big hit and I recommend them for all kids!!
Especially, if you have kids who love to pretend like mine do!
Hayden was my inspiration for this gift because he loves being a superhero!!
Everyday for the past 6 months, he would ask me if I could tie his blanket around his neck to be a superhero! I thought he would love the real thing! I ordered them online at this Etsy shop, so they were hand-made which was so cool because we got them personalized!
The Luidhardt Super Hero Kids!!!!!
After my superheroes went to bed, Gene and I got Christmas all ready for them!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

What a fun idea!!! So cute!