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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homeschool Co-op review and party.....

We loved our home school co-op this year! We met at a local Church and we met so many new and awesome families!! We now have lots of great friends!!
The first semester Grace and Dax took an Astronomy class and an Indiana History Class. The second semester they took a Physics class, which I co-taught, and a literature class. When I wasn't teaching, I was in the preschool area with the little boys!!
At the end of the year, we had a pizza party to celebrate all the kid's hard work!!
I wish I would have taken more pics throughout the year but believe me... we had a blast!!!
It was such a great thing for us to have something to look forward to every week and we look forward to many more years with all our new friends!!


Stephen and Michelle said...

How fun!!! I think a co-op is such an awesome idea!!

Miracle said...

That looks like the church where we met with Cherry and them when we were in town! Is it a Christian church on the south side of town?

Anonymous said...

Love all your pics annie. You do such fun things with your kiddos! What a good mommy! Something I love to see:) Love seeing homeschool stuff too!