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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Family Bump Day Qaulifications....

Our Family day at the track landed on Bump Day Qualifications!! For those who don't know, it's the last day for teams to get a spot in the race. We call it Bump day because there is only 33 spots and so the person in the last spot gets bumped if someone beats his time. It's always exciting and fun!
It rained a little bit but we still got to see lots of action!!
It was a pretty big crew! 7 adults and 12 kids!
My mom and Grace
The boys got to see real Hot Wheels cars!
A few of us headed to the museum while they were drying the track to see some of the old cars!!
Hayden with the very first car that won the Indy 500 called The Marmon Wasp.
Grace really liked this pink car!!
The boys and I in front of the car that won in 1992, the year of my first race.
A really cool quilt that had all the cars that have won the race and their signatures!
The girls talking to some of the 500 princesses, there are 33 of them too!
Dylan running around!
A new version of the Marmon Wasp
Okay, so my you all know by now that my Dad is the king of autographs.
Well, here's a series of pics of my dad getting Danica's autograph.
He's patiently waiting and never gives up....
That smile on my Dad's face is a sign that he knows he going to get it!! Haha!! He finally got it but I didn't get a picture of it because the crowd got so thick. :)
Now, here's another neat story about Danica. All the little girls wanted her autograph but she was signing autographs on the other side and was about done. As she was leaving, I told the girls to yell her name to see if she would come back. Well, she heard them and she came right over to our girls and signed one for each of them. She said she heard their voices and had to come back!! It was sweet!
All the kiddos!!
My sister and her crew!
Dill pickle and her momma!!
My lovely family!!
Another shot a little closer!
My Mom and Dad!!
I love this one!!
As always, it was a wonderful day at the track!!

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