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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Practice Day with my Dad.....

So as the month of May rolled on, we had many more visits to the track!! The next visit was with my Dad and the kids on a practice day.
My Dad has really conquered the "Art" of autographs over the years and has a ton at home to prove it! We spotted Marco Andretti, pictured up above, and my Dad quickly grabbed Grace and took her to the fence!! My Dad loves passing down his skills to the younger generation! Haha!!
Marco seemed so busy so I really didn't think it was going to happen but she got her first autograph!! She barely knows who he is but she was still excited!! The picture right next to Grace is of his very famous grandfather, Mario Andretti.
Hayden with the new 2012 Indycar!
Very cool!
My Dad and Grace with the Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers!
Love that sound!!
Grace getting Ed Carpenter's autograph!
He's one of our favorite drivers!!
After Grace got the hang of it, it was time for Dax to try it out!
He was a little shy at first but quickly gained his confidence!!
He got Charlie Kimball, a rookie this year and Alex Tagliani, who ended up on the pole this year at the 500. Also notice that Dax is wearing his running medal from the rookie run! I told you he loves to wear it!
By the end of the day, Grace and Dax were pros and got Scott Dixon's autograph all by themselves!!
We were so proud!! Ha!! It's just fun!!
Watching the track from above.....
My Dad giving me the bunny ears!!
My best memories of all time are here at this track!!
It's so awesome to see it being passed down to my kiddos!!
So glad we got to go!!
It was good day!!

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Erin said...

looks like so much fun - what a great track day! so glad your kiddos learning the tricks of the trade from their grandpa, the best way!