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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holiday World Part one.......

Also in the early part of August, we went to Holiday World! We had won two tickets earlier in the summer so that really helped us to be able to go!
It turned out to be a beautiful day for it too!
Gene and Dax on the bumper "horses"
Dax thought it was fun!
Grace and Gene on the Liberty Launch, and it was the big version! Grace was a little nervous but loved it!
Here's the video of it!!
Riding a train through story time!
Hayden, Grace, Dax and I on a mini roller coaster!!
I love their faces!!
All the kids really like doing these types of rides because they get to drive!!
Dax wanted to be in his very own jeep!
Each of our kids had an envelope with some of their saved birthday money to be able to spend at the park. It really helps to cut down on questions like "I want this or can I get that?" I would, instead, ask if they had the money for it? So each of the kids wanted to play a game, so we picked one where they were guaranteed to win a prize!
They all won a small stuffed animal!
Hayden later on used some of his money and won Cookie Monster!!
Gene and the kiddos in front of some pretty flowers!
Our annual Santa Claus photo!!
My photo with the kiddos!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

Grace is braver than I would be - I could never get on that ride!!! Ha!