"How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God." Psalm 84:1-2

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ME Time and guest speaker at Church..........

Well, this past weekend was a very busy one for us!! Gene worked Friday (12noon-10:45pm), Saturday(6:15am-10:00) Sunday(7:00-9:00) and Monday (6:15am-3:00), so it was mainly the kids and I!! Right now for the time being this is how our life is every other weekend!! He literally works all weekend!! We had a yard sale with my sister and her friend on Saturday. I had church Sunday morning. Grace's soccer pictures that afternoon and then we attended a fundraising event for Mother's Cupboard at a mini-golf course (I will post pics later) and then back to church to babysit for this special speaker we had at church.

Marc Dupont with Mantle of Praise Ministries came for the 3rd or4th year in a row to our church to speak! Everytime he comes, God moves big time both through worship and healing!! Our church has some awesome testimonies on how God has healed them!! I was so excited because Gene got to come this year on Mon and Tues nights!! (he has missed it in the past) He enjoyed it immensely!!

Plus, during all these great events, I had to get ready for ME Time! (Yesterday, Tuesday) ME Time is our mom's support group at our church in which I am the leader. It was our first meeting and I always want it to go well so I had lots of planning to do!! (with the help of a great steering team) I feel really good about it and it went as smoothly as it could go! It is funny how much work can go into planning and doing a 2 and half hour program once a month!! My main prayer is that we honor God and that our moms see Him working in their lives!! (We had 3 new people)

Prayers for ME Time
-That I will lead by the Holy Spirit and that God directs our planning as a steering team
-That the moms who come will feel encouraged and loved!
-That our fellowship will be fruitful and real!! Pray that we are real with each other.
-That those who are regular attendees will break beyond their comfort zones and reach out to newbies!!
-That we will have enough childcare workers for all those kids downstairs!! (Gene helped yesterday, what a great guy)
-Finally, that our new people felt welcomed and loved!! Pray that they want to come back!

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