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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dax's 18 month checkup.....

Yesterday, we went to the doctor's office for Dax's 18 month checkup! He weighs 25lbs which puts him in the 25%-50% section for boys. On height he is once again off the charts (above 100% mark), he is 35 inches! (The only time he wasn't off the charts was when he was born) They both got two shots with one being the flu shot!! (Grace didn't even cry)

(this picture was before his accident... that is our dog Percy)

Our doctor said it looks like Dax's nose is going to heal fine and it probably wasn't broken, which is good! She looked at Grace's head and said she wished they would have done stitches on it instead of glue because it may leave a bigger scar now! (that stinks!)

Also, it was our last appt. with Dr. King, our pediatrician. She is leaving our practice to work at a practice closer to her house!! (she drives an hour to work every day back and forth... plus she has 5 kids) I don't blame her one bit and I am glad that she will be closer to her family but I will miss her!! I actually teared up a bit after she left because she has been so good to us these past 3 years! I just felt so comfortable with her and will definitely miss her!


Trevor and Kristy Kaufman said...

Wow he is one tall boy. We go for Kendall's 12 month next week so I'm curious to see where she lands on the charts. That's interesting about Grace because Becca got a cut on her arm and they used the glue too and didn't stich and now she has a nasty scar as well. Betsy and Jake are wishing they would have stiched her too. I'll talk to you soon. Oh yeah and no I didn't make Kendall's cake! It wouldn't have looked like that.

Michelle McCallum said...

Dax is really tall! He sounds like David: thin and tall. I'm sorry to hear about Grace's scar; hopefully it will end up looking better than the doctor thinks. I wish we had a pediatrician that we love. We go to a huge practice in Lexington and I don't always even have the same doctor. I've been thinking about switching, but the doctors there are all incredible.

Heather and Scott Karl said...

Yes, we'll be in Ohio for Christmas. Will you? See my response to your comment on our blog.