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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A very cool thing........

I just got done doing one of the coolest things!! I made 12 suppers in an hour!! There is this place in Bloomington called "Supper Solutions" and it is so cool! Basically, you can either have them made for you or go to their facility and make them for yourself! I chose the less expensive route which was going there and assembling them yourself! When you arrive they have all the different stations for each meal and you go to that station and it tells you how much of everything you have to put in the bag! They cut and dice everything for you and all you have to do is use measuring cups and spoons to make your meal!! They even do the cleanup! So cool!!!
The package includes 12 meals and you get to choose what meals you want! (examples for this month: Cortez Enchilada Bake, Chicken Curry, and Moroccan Beef) You can bring friends or your children.... my sister came with me today! Now I have 12 suppers that I freeze until the time I need them!! The main reason I wanted to do this was because with the baby coming I wanted some extra easy meals around to be able to just throw in the oven when I didn't feel like cooking or didn't have time!! (you moms know what I am talking about!!) My church usually organizes meals for the week after the baby is born which is a huge blessing but now I am set for 12 more meals after that!! (or before baby is born when I feel too big or tired to cook a nice meal) I am really excited as you can tell! Think of all the time saved and the meals look very good and healthy too!! I think for this particular time it is well worth the money!! (and sanity) I feel a little bit more ready for the baby now!!

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Trevor and Kristy Kaufman said...

Hey There! I think we just got one of these places around here too. I'll have to check it out. How much did you pay for 12 meals?