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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My little ones........

Update on Grace:
Well, over the last couple of weeks she has become quite the storyteller and director! She has gone into the next level of pretending! For example, she comes to me and says "Mommy, you are the Mommy Panda and Dax will be the brother panda and baby Hayden is the baby panda and I am the sister panda" and then she will tell me what to say like "Mama you say, sister panda I need your help!" She gets into these pretend situations and won't let up on it! All day long she is telling me what to do and say! It is very cute though tiring at times! On a side note, isn't it cute that she is including baby Hayden already???? One particular time I was Mamaw and baby Hayden was Papaw and she was the new mom with a baby..... (smile)!!

Update on Dax:
He is learning more and more words everyday! He likes anything that his sister is doing whether it is dressup, barbies, my little ponies or playing with the kitchen! (I need to get a picture of him in Grace's dressup clothes) He also likes the manly things too like cars, his play tools, anything daddy does and squishing the cat!! I took him to the doctor yesterday to check on this bubble of fluid that is surrounding his molar that has yet to come in......... he has the top two molars and one on the bottom but this last molar has this huge bubble of fluid around it! It was something that didn't look normal and I thought maybe he had an infection?? The doctor said it can be normal to have such a huge bubble of fluid surrounding a new tooth coming in and that it didn't look infected. She did say that it probably hurts and that it won't go away till his tooth breaks through! He hasn't been eating super well because of it but I am sure his appetite will come back once this tooth comes in!

Both kids have also been snotty this past week! Every time I hear one of them sneeze, especially Dax, I run to get a Kleenex before he wipes his own nose with his sleeve! Hopefully, we are on the end of this cold!!


Heather and Scott Karl said...

Hi Annie,

People saw Seth looks like my dad or Scott. Scott and I don't know why people say they look like him (scott). We don't see it! I think he looks like my dad.

the meals you bought look awesome. i checked the website but couldn't find where they have stores at. which one did you go to? that's going to be great when the baby comes!


Heather and Scott Karl said...

I found the store locations on their website. You are one lucky girl because there's one store in IN and the rest are in Colorado and Texas! You lucked out! I should contact them and request a store in the Quad Cities.

Paula, Bobby, and Rebekah said...


The colds are definitely going around. Bobby's started 2.5 weeks ago and is still hanging on, mine will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I also still have some congestion, and Bekah has had the least of it, but now has a yucky cough, runny nose, and just today a fever of around 100. I hope these don't last much longer!! I hope everyone gets better are your house soon!!

Michelle McCallum said...

It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun :) I hope everyone starts to feel better soon.

Trevor and Kristy Kaufman said...

Kendall is starting to pick up on pretend play as well. If I give her a plastic baby spoon she will go and get one of her stacking cups and stir up some pretend something and then run over to give me a bite. It's so cute.