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Friday, February 9, 2007

After our visit to the doctor....

How it happened: We were visiting Gene at work on Thursday night for dinner. Menards has a play area that the kids love, so after Gene ate we headed for that area. They have these play houses and the kids were playing and the next thing we know is Dax is crying. The best we can guess is that his foot got caught under the play door and he fell awkwardly on his shin bone. We both were there but where we were sitting we didn't really see it happen. He could not get up and started crying immediately so we knew it wasn't just a normal fall! He cried for a good 30 mins and would not let us put him down! He would not walk on it and if we tried to stand him up on it, he would fall to the ground! Off to the urgent care clinic we went and they did about 6 x-rays. It showed a crack/fracture in his tibia bone but they just wrapped it and set us up for an appointment with Orthopedics the next morning.

After the Orthopedic appointment: As you can see they put a cast on his leg. We picked dark blue in honor of the Colts!! (wink wink) We are supposed to keep him off of his leg as much as possible. They made it seem like he can possibly crawl some. This is going to be hard because I am already having a hard time picking him up and holding him for long periods of time because I am so sore in my lower abdomen. It will be a challenge but at least Gene will be home all this weekend and hopefully we can adjust to it! None of his pants are fitting him because they don't' fit over his leg-boot! He can't get it wet so no more baths for him either! (just sponge ones) He loves baths so this might be hard on him! He is some pain but more then anything he is just plain frustrated with the whole situation! He wants to move like normal and it makes him mad that he can't, so hopefully he will just resign himself to his new lifestyle soon!! (so we can have less whining/crying) It will be a good lifestyle right??? One where his big sister and mom bring everything to him and he gets to be carried all day long??? Luckily, the younger the child is the quicker the bone heals!! We go back in two weeks for another x-ray to make sure it is healing correctly!

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Stephen & Michelle said...

Yikes! You guys have had a rough go of it with the kids in the last few months! I am sure you are hoping this is the end of it :) Maybe you are getting this all out of the way now so you don't have to worry about it later ;)

At least you can get in a good routine with everything before the baby comes...not that it helps with things now...

We will be thinking about and praying for you guys!!