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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Leopard Cats.........

Grace's Dance Recital
Since August Grace has been taking dance classes and loving it! She dances the first half and then does gymnastics the second half. At the end of the year they do a dance recital so all the kids can show off what they have learned! It was so much fun to watch her have fun up there on stage!! She loved it and is already asking about dancing next year! Here are our pictures from the afternoon!!

Grace performing on stage to a song called Leopard Cats! All these little girls are 4 years old and as cute as buttons!!
Grace with her flowers from everyone! It's tradition to get a dancer flowers after a performance! Not only did we get her flowers but so did my sister and my mom! She loved it!! Grace and Makayla!
It was at Makayla's dance recital that she decided that she wanted to dance too!
Grace and my mom...............Grace and I!
A full length shot of Grace's outfit! She even had a cute tail!

Our family picture!


Mary Smith said...

Grace really looks like you (Annie) in the picture of her holding all of her flowers.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with that comment! i think it is the makeup that makes her eyes look like yours - all grown up! super cute pics!

Stephen & Michelle said...

Too cute!!

Stephen & Michelle said...

Too cute!!