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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Waiting on a penny....

On Monday night Dax and Grace were playing around on the floor and we noticed that Dax seemed as if he was choking/gagging on something but then he stopped. Well, about 30 seconds later he did it again so we quickly stood him up but he was fine again. Gene and I knew that he must have had something in his mouth but didn't know what? We asked him what he had put in his mouth and guess what he said!!!!!
We did not see it in his mouth and therefore assumed he had swallowed it! We still don't know if he swallowed it on purpose or by accident. They were roughhousing and rolling around the floor together so he could have just done it by accident? Who knows? We don't normally leave money laying around but Grace had been playing with her piggy bank about an hour earlier so he must have gotten it then!
We called the doctor's office and they said as long as he doesn't have any breathing problems or stomach distress then we do not need to worry and that he would would just pass it in his diaper in a few days. The problem with that is someone had to go through his poop every day until we found it because if we didn't then he would have needed an x-ray to find it!
Since Gene works during the day and Dax seems to poop every morning........ Guess who's job was it to check his yucky poop!! I don't mind changing diapers that much but I usually try to do it as fast as I can but in this case I had to make sure to find that penny!! Gross huh!!!
After checking his diapers for 2 straight days and almost throwing up both times!!! The third day I finally found it and Guess what??
I found TWO Pennies in there!!!!!!!!!!!!

It did make me laugh! Gene thinks we need to save the pennies? What do you think? ;)
In all seriousness, I am so glad that he is okay and it didn't faze him one bit!!!


Kurt Luidhardt said...

If you were that hard up for money you could have just told us!!

Heather and Scott Karl said...

Funny, Kurt!

Annie, throw the pennies away!! Also, here's a big sympathetic YUCK!! to having to search through all that poop!

Michelle McCallum said...

Oh wow! I'm sure something like that will happen to my kids. They are always putting things in their mouths.

I'm sorry you had to look through all those diapers! Yuck!

Natalie said...

Oh the things that Moms have to do!! Glad that is over for you and that Dax is alright. I can't believe there were 2 pennies!!!

dasiefert said...

Oh yuck! To have to do that while you are pregnant sounds terrible. I think pregnant or not I would have wanted to gag too. Glad you found them. Maybe he won't swallow money again.

Stephen & Michelle said...

Yikes! That is scary and gross all at the same time...glad he is OK...funny story for later, right?!? :)

Danell Phillips said...

That isn't anything. Darren got into our marble game,Mancala, and swallowed,if I remember right, almost 20 some marbles. It took 2 days before I found all but one of them.

Trevor and Kristy Kaufman said...

Oh my word - this is funny and scary at the same time. I'm glad he is ok and I definitely think you should keep them and put them in a scrap book.