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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cake decorating class....

Wilton Cake Decorating
Last month, when I was starting to look for ideas on the Internet for Grace's birthday cake; one thing that kept popping up was a certain cake decorating brand called Wilton. I went to their website and noticed that they offer cake decorating classes at local craft stores which is something that has always interested me! I love learning new things! I also thought what a handy skill to learn since I will be making birthday cakes for my kids for many years to come!! So the next time I went to Michael's I thought I would check out the prices for their classes!! As soon as I arrived at the store I saw an ad on the front door that said "50% off classes in July" plus Michael's was giving a $10.00 off coupon for newcomers!! I was super excited anyway but that pretty much sealed the deal for me!! It ended up costing only $7.50 for the whole 4-class course!! What a great deal!! I did have to buy some cake decorating supplies but it is stuff that I will use over and over again!
The first class was pretty much demonstration and learning how to ice a cake properly. For the next three classes we were instructed to bring a plain white round iced cake, homemade butter cream icing colored to our specific choices and all the proper decorating tools!
Here are all my cakes from the remaining classes.....
In this class, we learned how to transfer simple designs from paper to our cakes with piping gel. We also learned how to do this star technique to fill in our designs! If you remember I used the star technique with Grace's Ariel cake too. We learned how to write with certain tips too. We also learned how to begin to make the Wilton Rose.
In the third class we learned how to do figures and shapes with different decorating tips. Notice the clowns in my cake above! I am not a huge fan of clowns but it did teach me some new techniques. We learned how to do different borders and drop flowers as well! We also learned the second step in making the Wilton Rose

Finally, on the last night (last week) we got to make our final cake with roses. We learned how to finish the rose, let them dry and then place them on our cake! At first, I thought it seemed hard but after making a few roses for practice... it became easier! We also learned how to make stems, leaves and bows!
I talked my sister-in-law, Melissa, into taking the course with me because she loves baking and it was such a great deal! Here we are on graduation night with our cakes!! We both ended up choosing purple for our flowers!! Funny huh? I had so much fun taking this course and would love to continue on to course two but...... it will have to wait until the after the baby is born!


Anonymous said...

The class sounds like alot of fun! You could start your own business doing cakes for people.


Anonymous said...

good to hear from you, was wandering how you were doing. love the cakes!

Mary said...

your cakes are really good! I love the purple flowers. you could start up a little business!

Michelle McCallum said...

Those cakes looks great!

Only three more weeks?! How exciting. :) I hope you will be able to get some more rest.

Natalie said...

Annie you're a natural at cake decorating!! Your cakes look awesome :) You look like you've been decorating for years. I could never get my roses that good! I didn't think the teacher I had was very good so maybe that was my problem :) I might have to take Course 1 again now that we're in Fishers. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

annie, your cakes are beautiful! nice work! i would love to take a cake decorating class, as i love to do it...but need some formal training! i bet you were eating a lot of cake those couple of days!


Stephen and Michelle said...

Wow, that is amazing!! We may have to get together sometime so you can teach me ;)