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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium Tour.....

Hello Stadium!!
We got a chance to tour the brand new stadium for the Colts during the Grand opening for the public. They were free but you had to be quick to get them from Ticketmaster because they went fast!! We actually made it a date and went out to eat beforehand too! We ate at a place called Stir Crazy (Chinese....Crab Rangoon....Yum!!!) and my parents watched the little ones.

"The new and old"
The new stadium to the left and the old RCA dome (white top) in the background!
As you can tell lots of people were there to visit the stadium that day!! There were over a 100,000 people there throughout the day! I took this picture as I was going up the escalator to the next level! I actually got disconnected from Gene because it was so crowded and he is in that crowd down there somewhere!

Another view of the crowds and a peek at the field!

Gene and I showing off the field from the second level!
Here is the whole Field from the third level!

Here is Gene on the field where we got to touch the turf!
My sister, her friend Lorraine and I in the padded front row seats on the 50 yard line!! Man, I would love to have these seats during a game!!!! They are really comfy and have a great view!!

The beautiful new stadium on a beautiful day!
Baby Asher update down below!!


Anonymous said...

So cool that you went!! I was working and some girls came in saying how beautiful the stadium was!! I wish I had tickets!! It would be a blast!

Stephen and Michelle said...

How cool! Looks like it was crazy, but fun!!