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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Visit from Good Friends.......

Our really good friends Miracle and Dave, who moved away two years ago, came up for a visit this past weekend! We had such a blast catching up and letting our little ones play together! We are such kindred spirits and we love them dearly!! Please move back!!
Grace and Mikaela around 6 months
Our friendships started right before we both had our first baby! We both were pregnant with honeymoon babies and we had just moved into the same apartment complex. I really think God orchestrated our friendships because we are so much alike in so many ways!! So in essence it started with these two little cuties and they have been best friends ever since! Mikaela is one month older than Grace.
Grace and Mikaela are so good at smiling at the camera!
(Good smiles from the other kiddos were a little harder to get!!)

Dax and Faith are two months apart with Faith being the older one! They don't remember each other as well because they were only one when they moved!
Dax and Faith climbing up and down the slide....
Once they got used to each other they were all smiles and playing just as much as the older two!!
Dave helping the little ones......
Miracle finally got a boy on her third try and we all got to meet Eli for the first time! It was their first time meeting Hayden too! Hayden and Eli are about 3 weeks apart in age! It was really cute to seem them interact with each other!

I just know they would be best buds if we lived closer and saw each other more often!

Pictures of Miracle loving on her little boy!!
Plus, they are having baby number four in March!!
It will be the first time we will have our baby first and the longest time in between our children!
(still very close.... only 6 months apart)


Aaron and Mary Smith said...

That is awesome that your families have so many similarities. I just love the Grace and Mikaela pictures! I know how sad you were when they moved.

Michelle McCallum said...

That is incredible! It would be so much fun if you kids could grow up together- hopefully, you'll be able to visit each other often.

Paula, Bobby, Rebekah, and Sarah said...

Wow!! You really do have a lot in common. Lots of babies really close together!!

Kiana said...

Awww, I remember them. They were very nice. Its crazy how alike two families can be. What a blessing that they were able to visit!

The Knapp's said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your beautiful family grow! (I started reading when Hayden was born.) I love seeing families get big and bigger; Jeff and I want a large family so I love to see it in others as well!

What a special blessing to have a friend to experience life with you in the same stage almost all of the time!

I hope labor and delivery with baby Asher goes well, and fast! p.s. I love the name Asher...it means "Happy", but I'm sure you already know that!


Stephen and Michelle said...

That is so cool that all your kids are so close in age...I can see why you are "kindred spirits"...it is SO hard finding people in the same stage of life!!!