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Monday, January 19, 2009

Asher's 4 month appointment....

Asher had his 4 month appointment this past Friday and he is as healthy as can be! I am one blessed mama! He's our biggest at 4 months, though his appointment was almost 2 weeks late. He weighed 16 lbs 10 oz and was 26 inches long which puts him in 75-90% for both. He started rolling recently but doesn't like being on his belly very long. He loves to laugh at his brothers and sister when they jump up and down! He eats every 3-4 hours and still occasionally wakes up during the night but we are getting there! (This was not true for the others) He is one sweet little baby and brings us so much joy!!
Just for fun: Grace -15 lbs 6 oz & 26.25 inches, Dax-16 lbs 1 oz & 27.5 inches, and Hayden- 15 lbs 2 oz & 26.25 inches


Stephen and Michelle said...

That's great that he is so healthy!I know that can be hard during the winter months!! He is definitely a cutie...such an adorable smile!

Michelle M. said...

That is great!

It just made me realize that Grace turns 18 months in a few weeks and I have no idea when her appointment is :) Blame it on the pregnancy brain!

Asher is adorable! I loved seeing all of the photos from Christmas and his dedication.

The Knapp's said...

Oh he is so adorable! I love his sweet little dimples! And how do you remember all of their stats? I thought I would be able to but after 2 I can't! Uh-oh!