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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up Part two.....

Part Two of the highlights from February and March
A Spring trip to the Zoo

We joined my sister's family for a day at the zoo one beautiful day in March. I always love the first spring trip to the Zoo! I just love watching my kids see all the animals in "real" life! Hayden especially thought all the animals were cool!! Here's a couple of pictures from our day!

The kids checking out the penguins!
Asher's 6 month Well check

At the end of March we also had Asher's well check. He weighs 18lbs 6oz (50%) and is 27 inches long (50%). The biggest difference about Asher is that he is a little shorter than the oldest two (at this age) but weighs the same which makes for chubby legs. Super cute chubby legs I might add! I love them!! We are still nursing which is awesome and he definitely loves his mama! He just recently went down to two naps a day but he is still not officially sleeping through the night! (the little stinker) A whole new world for me considering my other little love bugs slept through the night much earlier on.......but I'm okay with that for now. We got so close but then he got sick and had the breathing trouble and..... then a couple of weeks later he had more trouble breathing when he got a cold! Things just keep coming up but we will get there some day! He did start solid foods finally about a month ago but I will post more on that later!
My Birthday and Christopher's
Happy 44th Birthday to my brother and Happy 29th Birthday to me!
My brother and I had a joint birthday party but we didn't get that many good pictures! The highlight was Gene playing the piano and leading the kids in the Birthday song!
Home school Convention
(We were having so much fun that we forgot to take hardly any photos. We did get this one of the new stadium but if you look closely you can see the old dome right in front of it. Just piles of rubble! Kinda of sad)
The weekend of my birthday was the annual Home school Convention which is sooo much fun! It was a good way to celebrate my birthday! Eating out, spending time with my hubby, hanging with friends, looking at books and curriculum!! Ahhhh, it was good! Gene's parents came to watch all the big kids and Asher tagged along with us. We ate out 4 different times which is my favorite thing to do and such a treat! Thank you to Gene's parents for watching the kiddos and to Kurt and Kristen for letting us crash at his place!!


The Eaglewoman said...

oh my. three things: a) that picture of grace with the giraffe is SO great! b) i can not believe how cute asher is - i want to give those chubby legs a squeeze! c) happy birthday, again! wish we could have gone out to dinner to celebrate. maybe next time i'm home we can make a date to do that!! :)

Michelle M. said...

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like things are going well for you guys. Is Grace starting kindergarten this year? I'd love to know why you decided to homeschool. You should write a post about that :)

The Knapp's said...

All of your kids are cute, but Asher and those sweet little baby pics are adorable! Keep 'em comin'!

I agree with Michelle--write a post about homeschooling! It's (homeschooling) just recently piqued my interest and am wondering about doing it myself!