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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up part one......

Are your ready to catch up?
Well, here it goes friends!
A few highlights of February and March......
The biggest time consumer that has been going on recently is that we participated in the Dave Ramsey class offered through our church! AWESOME! I will probably write more on it later because we have learned so much! I will be glad to be done with it next week, not because I don't like it but because it will be nice to gain a night back at home. It's been 13 weeks of heading to church (45 mins away) an extra night a week on top of already heading there on Wednesday which means two nights in a row of the kids staying up way past bedtime, which means cranky kids, less time for Gene and I, and less time for us to stay caught up on housework! I have loved it but I am so glad to be done!
IU Basketball game
We took the kids to see the IU women's basketball team play the Ohio State Buckeyes! It brought back many fond memories of going there as a kid so I will share more on that in a later post.
Women's Ministry Refresher and meetings
I have been busy with Women's ministry meetings and events. We recently had an overnight leadership refresher which was fun. It's always nice to get away and hang out with other ladies. Our pastor's wife joined us so it was fun to get to know her better. They always call Asher our little mascot since he gets to come along to all of our events. (He's still nursing) He even decided to help us with worship that night!! (maybe I have a little drummer boy)
Kid's day at the Dentist
All the 3 kids came back cavity free!! Yay!! Next visit we will try and do all 4! Crazy!
You can't see it in this picture but they have flat screen TVs on the ceiling to keep the kids entertained!
Hayden's two year old Doctor's appointment
We also recently took Hayden to his two year old appointment! He weighed 26 lbs (25%) and is 35 inches (50-75%). He's still on the small side but nothing the doctor is worried about! He still turns his feet inward but again the doctor is not worried! He is as healthy as can be! I will also do a what I love about Hayden post for his birthday soon! He's such a cute little guy!
My Mom's birthday
Happy B-day Mom!
Gene's 28th Birthday

We celebrated Hayden's 2nd Birthday at the end of February and then we celebrated Gene's birthday at the beginning of March. Gene turned 28 on the 9th and here are his birthday brownies!
Asher's breathing problems
Asher had to see the doctor in the beginning of March because he came down with a cold and started to wheeze. We took him in on a Sunday where they did a chest x-ray and the radiologist there didn't see anything unusual so they just sent us home. The next day (Monday) our regular doc's office called and said that they actually did see a spot on his lung. They called in an antibiotic and naturally assumed it might be pneumonia. On Tuesday of that week he was wheezing really bad and retracting his little chest in an effort to breath so I knew I needed to take him back in again. I am so glad we did because his oxygen stats were at an 87 when I brought him in and they had him do a breathing treatment right away. After the treatment, his levels when up to 89 and the doctor said he was borderline being sent to the hospital but that he would probably just go there get a puff of oxygen and be sent home. (His words not mine) So instead, they sent me home with an inhaler to use ever two hours. They like the numbers to be in the upper 90's but they figured he was only going to get better as the night wore on because of the breathing treatment. He was much better and as long as I kept up with the inhaler he was able to breath much better.

After a few days of using the inhaler he was all good and smiling again! It was hard to watch my little guy struggle so much to breath and watch his little chest working so hard but I am glad it was a fixable situation!

Well that concludes Part one.... Part two coming tomorrow!


The Eaglewoman said...

this is great, annie! it's so nice to see what you've been up to. my parents really enjoyed the dave ramsey class, as well. i can't believe little asher had to have an inhaler! :( glad to hear he's well again. and hey, why didn't they have tvs on the ceilings when we were kids...oh yeah, that was a long time ago. lol. :)

Michelle M. said...

I loved the updates. That must have been so scary to watch Asher go through that. It makes me think of David's days in the NICU. Afterwards, I was always checking to make sure he was breathing. I am glad that he is feeling better. Your family looks great!

Stephen and Michelle said...

I think Hayden at 2 is practically the same size as Titus at almost 4...CRAZY. I just weighed Titus, and he only ways 28 pounds!! I am not sure how tall he is, but he wears 3T pants...but that doesn't really tell anything sometimes.

My kids are such little shrimps :)

The Knapp's said...

Annie, we are starting the FP course in the Fall and I can't wait! We started The Total Money Makeover book in Jan, just the two of us, but I'm really looking forward to doing the course in the fall. :) I love paying bills so that we can be debt free soon!

Also, I just had to note that my 11 month old is BIGGER than your 2 year old! John will be 1 in May and is weighing 28 pounds these days!!! Kids are so different!

Looking forward to reading more of your blogs. :) And, what a neat dentist's office!

Anonymous said...

Awww poor little guy! I will have to call you soon and get the update on all the kiddos. I meant to ask you the last time how they were all doing...on that note though inhalers and more importantly neb treatments work wonders!!! Whoever came up with the nebs is a genious!! We like for O2 to be close to 100%...it is so scary to see your little ones gasping for breath! Im glad he is doing well!!