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Friday, October 30, 2009

Art in the park...

Also in the Fall, we were invited to a Homeschool gathering called "Art in the Park". It was our first year to attend it even though we have been invited before and I am really glad we went! Basically, we just get together to do Fall art projects at our local State park! Grace especially enjoyed it because she loves anything to do with Art!!
The kids working on their art!
We met near this beautiful waterfall!!
We also take a Nature walk around the lake as part of our day!!
Dax and his buddies ready to hike!!
Grace enjoying the waterfall from the other side!
All kids ready to hike!!!
(Hayden did not join us because he was sick! My mom was watching him!)
After we were done they still had energy to run up and down this steep hill!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

What a great idea!