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Monday, November 30, 2009

Gene's Highschool Reunion and the kids' visit to Ohio....

At the end of September the kids went to visit Gene's parents for a few days! We met them half way and sent the 3 oldest to Ohio with them and kept Asher with us. The kids had a blast as always and barely missed us! :) Asher sure missed his siblings.....he only had mommy to keep him busy :)

These pictures were taken right before we left that day! They were so excited that they had packed their bags and were waiting on the porch 3 hours before we left!! I have no clue why they have helmets on!! :)
Gene's 10 Year Reunion

After the kids had been in Ohio for a few days we headed there as well for Gene's 10 year reunion!! Gene had a good time catching up with his Buckeye Central Classmates! I had fun seeing some of Gene's good friends and meeting some new ones!

Gene with his friend Chris (on the right)

Gene's good friend Jenny with her husband James!
(Thanks for the pictures Jenny!)

David and Amanda
Gene and David were in each other's weddings!
Gene and I with Jenny and James

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Stephen and Michelle said...

Glad you could go, and nice that the kids could spend some time with Gene's family :)