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Saturday, December 5, 2009

IU Art Class....

Grace with her "Family Crest" ....triangle shaped one on top
Starting in October and ending in November Grace attended an IU art class on Saturdays! She loves anything to do with art so this was fun for her. Plus, it was a chance for her to interact with some new kids! At the end of the classes, they had an art exhibition to show off their work

Most of Grace's art pieces had to do with family which I thought was cute!! She loves us!!

They made masks too and she picked a unicorn!!
(The one above her head!)

They also made a book with various drawings in it! Grace's is far left with the two people and orange sky on the front of it!

Some pictures they took of Grace
The rest of the family checking out all the other kid's art! Dax will be old enough next year which will be fun. Plus, as they get older they get to try different types of art like sculpture!


Michelle M. said...

David would love a class like that! He is really into art.

I need to keep my eyes peeled for things like this since we are hoping to homeschool-- I'm going to blog about this soon. We are going to send the kids to the Lexington Latin School. It is a cottage school where you send your children two days per week and then you homeschool them the other three days. I already sent in the application and I am just waiting to hear if David got in.

Stephen and Michelle said...

What a great experience!!