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Monday, January 25, 2010

Cake Decorating Course 3...........

In January, my sister-in-law and I continued the Cake Decorating Courses offered by Wilton at our Michael's. In course 3 we learned about Fondant and Tiered cakes.
Our final cake in the last class had to be a tiered cake covered in fondant with fondant roses as accents!
Some of my fondant roses drying!

A closeup of a fondant rose!

Another picture of the final cake!
During the course we learned some new things such as garland and ruffle borders. We also learned some new flowers: poinsettias and Easter Lillie's.


Erin said...

annie, this is fantastic! you could totally make cakes as a side job, for sure...ahhh, my DREAM! you definitely have the talent, girl; beautiful!!

Stephen and Michelle said...

That looks AWESOME!!!