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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cake decorating Course 4.......

I took the final course in cake decorating that Wilton offers at the end of February. It's labeled "Fondant and Gum paste"!
In session one, we basically learned how to cover the cake in fondant and tint it! In session two, we learned how to do borders and imprint the fondant with our tools!
The third class comprised of learning how to make roses, carnations and daisies out of gum paste!! They are really life-like and beautiful!! Our last class was putting together our final cake! I actually used this cake for my mom's birthday since it was near her birthday!! She loved it!!


Michelle M. said...

That is impressive! Good work!

Stephen and Michelle said...

That seriously looks amazing...you have a gift!!

Erin said...

so cool annie! it looks fantastic!