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Saturday, May 29, 2010

500 Festival Parade....

The day before the race we always head to Indy to see the 500 Festival Parade. My aunt joked about me making a cake for the event, so I did as a surprise!! :) I didn't have much time that weekend because of Dax's birthday but I thought it turned out pretty good!! Not an exact replica but good enough!
Here's picture of the real thing but don't compare colors because the photo's color is off for some reason!! Here's a link to another photo of the car which shows it is actually more orange!!
We always meet my Dad's family up there and one fun thing we do is try and get the celebrities to wave and talk to us!! We situate ourselves at the beginning of the parade to see all the fun people!! Robin Roberts, with ABC, was the pace car driver for the race!
We saw lots of bands and other fun stuff like this!!
Even Asher got into the waving!!
Dan Wheldon, a really nice guy and race car driver!
 The picture is of Graham Rahal and his suprirse visitor for the day, Kim Kardashian!
Watching some older race cars on the parade route!!
Dax loved all the old cars and race cars!!
Dario Franchitti and his wife Ashley Judd, and the eventual winner of the 2010 Indy 500!
We saw many more people but the last one I will mention is Helio Castoneves! My uncle Jim told him to stop winning so much and to let someone else win as a joke! Helio laughed and said, "Maybe next year!" It was funny!!
A t-shirt that was thrown to us!! What a cool name for a race car driver, Will Power!!
Aftewards, we head to a park to have lunch and visit with my family!
My dad and sister!
It was a super hot day so Asher was sucking on ice!! :)
It was a fun day!!


Michelle M. said...

That looks like such fun! You guys always do such exciting things as a family. And the cake looks great!!

Miracle said...

Wow, looks exciting! That cake is amazing--you're really good! I have been thinking about calling you, but I'm not sure where my phone is. I guess I should go find it. :)