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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Indianapolis 500......

We got free tickets to the Indy 500 this year which was so nice!! I sat with my Dad and my sister sat with her friends in the third turn. We all met for Public breakfast in Greenwood on our way up at Bob Evans! It was yummy!!
We parked in our same great spot and then walked to the track!
At this point, my dad and I went to our seats which were in between the 1st and 2nd turn!! Awesome seats!!
We had some time before the race started so we took a trip to Gasoline Alley, which is where they bring the race cars on and off the track! It's also a prime shot to see celebs and race car drivers!!
We people watched for a while and then headed back to our seats!
 A huge part of the Indy 500 is celebrating all the soldiers!! They all got a standing ovation!!
One awesome thing about our seats is we get to see this huge flag!!! They bring it out during the "Star Spangled Banner," which was sung by Jewel. It was beautiful and to top it off there is always a flyover! Look closely in the picture above and you can spot them!!
 Here's a much closer picture of the Flyover!! Seeing a flyover is one of the coolest things especially when singing the "Star Spangled Banner"!!
One of the many traditions of the 500 is the balloon release! They release them after Jim Nabors sings, "Back Home Again in Indiana", another great tradition!
Finally it's time to start the race.....Yay!!! I love it when they come around the corner for the first time!! Another awesome thing about the Indy 500 is the face that there are over 300,000 people there!! Amazing!!
Another shot of the cars on their first few laps!! This picture was taken in the first turn!!
 The neat thing about our seats is that we get to see them go into the second turn as well!!
It was a super hot day, in fact, the hottest one on the record books but it was still so much fun!! The number 10 car of Dario Franchitti ended up being the winner after a beautiful and fun Indianapolis 500!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

So cool that you were able to go! It looks like you had a great time...