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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kings Island Family Day Part 2......

So after our snack at the water park, Gene decided to head to the music part and see a few of the bands! The kids and I headed back to the rides!
We rode the train!!
We rode the cars that go around in a circle!!
Grace picked the pink car!!
What a surprise! :)
Then we rode the cars that went around a course!
All the kids took turns riding together!!
The airplane ride was a fun one!!
The boys laughing and say hi to me as they pass by!!
By this time, Gene was back with us!!
The kids posing with Snoopy!
After dinner we took turns watching Third Day!

Third Day was amazing as always!!
After they were done, we waited for the Fireworks to start!
Grace took this one which I thought was cute!!
Then Hayden wanted to take one too! His angle is a funny one!
Finally, after an awesome day of fun, we sat and watched the fireworks!!
I think that second picture is pretty cool because the fireworks look like music notes!!
Day two with just the big kids coming up......


Miracle said...

Well, all your kids have cute smiles! Looks like a LONG full fun day!!

Michelle M. said...

That looks like such a fun time! I can't get over how much older your kiddos are looking. The grow up so fast!