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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kings Island Family Day Part 1.....

Late in June, I was listening to the local Christian Radio and they mentioned how they were giving away Kings Island tickets! It included tickets to the Christian Music Festival they were having at the park called, Spirit Song too!!
 So the next morning, Gene and I both tried to call in and....
 It was so exciting!!
What a blessing!!
We won 2 tickets for all 3 days!!!
The first day we went as a family because Gene had that day off! We had to buy tickets for big kids (Asher was free) but we got a good deal on them! It was so fun as we drove into the parking lot because the kids didn't quite know what to expect since we hadn't been there for a couple of years! So when they saw all the fancy roller coasters, they were beyond excited!!
(Here's what our family looked like last time we went!!)
Getting ready to be thrilled!!!!
(Hayden looks so small!!)
I love watching my kid's faces on rides!!
It's one of the best feelings in the world to see your kids so happy and to see them have pure joy on their faces!!
My turn to take a ride with the kids!!
It was a very hot day so this was refreshing!!
Feeling cooled off for little bit.......

Asher's first ride of the day!
At first he was a little nervous but by the end of the ride he was smiling!
In fact, when I went to get him off, he started to throw a fit because he didn't want to be done!! :)
I love Hayden's face in this one!!
After riding rides for a while we had worked up a sweat!
(94 degree weather will do that!)
 We thought it would be a good time to head to the water park!
The water was warm but it was still refreshing!
The big kids had fun on all the slides!!
Asher had fun just playing in the water!!
After we were done at the water park we took a break and ate a snack!!
Grace took this picture of Dax and I!!

So then Dax wanted to take a picture too so he took this one!! :)
Part 2 coming soon........


Miracle said...

Asher has such a cute smile!

Erin said...

couldn't agree more, asher's smile is adorable! looks like you guys had a blast!!

Stephen and Michelle said...

How fun!