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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3 in Michigan: Fishing and a boat ride....

We spent the next morning at the campsite and then took the kids fishing after lunch!
 My kids had never been so it was pretty cool!
Dax was the first kid to catch a fish that day!
He wasn't too sure about holding it at first.......
.....but he got used it!!
My Dad had to help them a little because these little guys were bait stealer's!
They were all so tiny, literally smaller the the kid's hands!
It didn't matter how big the fish were...... they still loved it!!
Later that afternoon, we got in the van and headed south to the St Joseph River.
My Uncle lives on the river and took us for a boat ride!!
We anchored down the boat near a small beach area and got to experience a rope swing!!
It was a first for my kids!!
They loved swinging but not necessarily the letting go part!!
Eagerly waiting their turn!!
They eventually got used to the water!!
One really cool thing we visited along the river were these little streams! They were cool water springs that fed into the river and were ice cold!!
 Dax is cold!!!
Asher mostly watched from the sidelines and played in the sand!!
Hayden got the most air while swinging since he was the smallest!
Grace's legs kept slowing her down!!
They really couldn't get enough of the swing and would have been there all day!!
Finally, it was time to head back to eat dinner!!
We passed so many beautiful houses along the river and took in all the beautiful scenery!!
It was fun day!!!

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Erin said...

ok, that top shot of your dad and the kits is my favorite so far. i think you need to frame that and give it to him as a gift, so special! it looks like you guys had an absolute blast!