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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dax's Art Show......

Dax was nervous at first because it was his first time taking art class, but all it took was one class and he was hooked. He couldn't wait till the next class, plus his teachers just loved him to pieces which helped!!
They were such great teachers!!
I loved how they wrote down exactly what the kids said and used that in display of their art! They did a great job of displaying the kid's art in a unique way too!
Sorry for the quality it's a picture of a picture
Dax with his whole class!!
A Paint Collage entitled "Cave Jewels"
Here's his cute little quote
"The caterpillar was underground and saw a bat. They went through another cave and saw water. First they didn't know how to get out, then they found a way out. There was a cliff. Shiny jewels were hanging in the cave."
I think they read some books for inspiration which is where he got some of ideas!! So cute!!
Dax with his Cat Collage
Natural Materials art piece named "Cat Collage"
His quote:
"I think it was a cat, the cat's trying to find food"
Dax's Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon
I love that he said he was going to visit his friend Faith in Georgia!
Ahhh, so sweet!
A Painted art piece called "Sky Painting"
His quote:
"The people that only show their bones, they thought the big dipper was falling on them, but it really wasn't."
(I think they had read another book for inspiration again...haha)
A mixed media piece which he named "Derek"
His quote:
"I found a treasure! I talked to the other fish about how we could find gold."
We had an awesome time doing art and can't wait till next year!!
Hayden can't wait till it's his turn too!!
Just a couple more years sweet boy!!

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