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Monday, February 14, 2011

Grace's First time Skiing....

On Valentine's Day, Grace and I got to do something special!!
We went Skiing at Paoli Peaks!!
I went with a local home school group so we got a great discount!
Getting fitted with our skis!
We got rental skis, lift tickets, lunch, and a ski lesson.... all for $18 each!!
It was a great deal!!
It was Grace's first time skiing, so I am so glad she was able to take a lesson!
Grace all ready to try it out!!
They recommended that children not use poles so they could get used to skiing first!
Going into the day, I really did not expect us to get off the bunny hill at all, but Grace surprised me big time!! After about an hour on the bunny hill, she wanted to try bigger hills!! The scariest part for me was teaching her how to use the ski lift! Luckily, they have a smaller ski lift that you can practice on before you do the huge ones! She did great and by the end of the day she had done most of the hills except for the extreme ones!
She obviously fell some since it was her first time but she kept a great attitude the whole time!
We had a few friends that were there too! Grace eventually caught up to her friend Sydney!
They even asked to ride the ski lift together which was nerve wracking!! Man oh man, did I have to really control my fear on this one!! Not sure if any of you have skied before but there is no bar to hold you in the ski lift and you are really high up!! I was in the ski lift behind them so that helped! I never want my kids to fear things so I didn't let her know that I was scared!! :) It was only hard the first time and then it got easier!
My girl is growing up so fast!
I took these videos with my phone! I was interviewing Grace on the ski lift!!
Here's a video of Grace skiing!! She did great!
I was skiing behind her with my cell phone...that takes talent!! Haha!!
Actually, I was so scared to take my real camera because I was afraid I would fall, so all of these pics on the slopes are from my cell phone!!
We had such a blast and hope to go more than once next year!!
Since I had to go without Gene, my mom watched the boys but next year I hope to take them too!!

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