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Monday, June 27, 2011

Kittens and Famiy Quest....

Our kittens are growing up!!
I think they look so cute nursing on their Mama altogether!!
Family Quest (VBS)
Our church's VBS was held in June this year which was really nice. We are normally really involved, so it is kinda nice to have early in the summer so you have the rest of summer to play. It takes months of planning and man hours to get it done!! Gene has been mentoring for the past year (2011) with our Children's Pastor which has been really cool. He is learning so much from Pastor Vic and he was in charge of the drama this year at VBS. We changed the name of VBS to Family Quest this year because we wanted it to be more about Families and not just the kiddos. It was neat concept and I think it went over really well!
We designed it completely from scratch this year which took lots of hours but it was so worth it!! Pastor Vic wrote the main portions of the curcurriculum and then Gene went from there and wrote the skits! He worked so hard and the kids loved it!
Most of these pictures were taken by a friend from Church name Susy. She does an amazing job and was our Family Quest photographer!
The kiddos worshipping to music!!

The older kids led worship all week and they did a great job!!
Various pictures throughout the week!
Marilyn, my women's ministry leader and mentor, serving Ice cream!! I love her!!
The skits were based on a mystery that Gene and his sidekick (the one who looks like him) had to solve.
So many people get Gene and Ryan (his sidekick) mixed up. It's funny!! They look alot alike!
The kids couldn't wait each day to see the drama and what would unfold!
Here's one of the scenes that I helped film. It was a funny scene! It may only be funny if you knew the whole story line but it will still give you a picture of Gene's acting abilities!! :)
The really cool component this year was craft time. Instead of making little crafts that end up being thrown away.... the group decided to do a family craft. At the beginning of the week, we didn't know what we were even building but by mid -week we knew it was a bench.
It was fun to work together to build something that we could use for a long time!1
All in all, Family Quest was awesome and we had a fabulous time!!
I'm so proud of Gene and how hard he worked on it!!
Our finished bench and side table!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

That is so cool - all of it!! And I LOVE the idea of making something as a family and something that will last. HOW AWESOME!

And I had to laugh about the "look-alikes". There is a guy in our church that looks a lot like Stephen - mainly in build and hair, not as much in face. So much so, that the other guys wife saw Stephen put his arm around me, thinking it was her husband, and was like "what is Jason doing?!?" and was kind of upset for a minute until she realized it was Stephen. We all had a good laugh about that one!

Anyway, your post just reminded me of that and made me laugh :)