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Friday, July 29, 2011


It's Fair season again, a time of year that I look forward to and love. Grace and Dax were even more excited about it because they had some 4-H projects in our local fair. Gene and I were both in 4-H when we were young and had good experiences so we are now glad to be doing it with our kids.
On our way to see their projects, we checked out the animals in the barn!
The kids both were involved in Mini-4H and Dax's first project was models cars. The red car behind him with the yellow strip in the front is his car!
Grace's first project was Sewing and for that she made a sewing box. We cut fabric out, got adhesive spray, a box and made a sewing box. We also put in the things she needed to begin sewing!
It's the pink rock and roll box!
Grace also did My Pet and Me. She had to make a poster and tell about her Pet.
Dax's second project was Lego's. We got a simple kit from Walmart and Dax put it together.
It's a little blurry but he did a great job!
The last thing they did was crafts. They both did a Mosaic. They received blue ribbons for all of their projects!!
The kids and their balloons!
Checking out the chickens!
Asher with his balloon!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

Looks like they did such a great job!! Fun!