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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zoo and September 11th Memorial....

Our first field trip of the season was to the zoo!! I always like to start the school year off with a field trip and it always seems to be the Zoo!!
We've always had Tigers at our zoo, but they had renovated the enclosure and it's pretty cool!!
Talk about being up close and personal with the tigers!! The tiger really seemed to like Hayden and just keep following him around the glass!!
These bats were also new to us and pretty cool!! They were hugest bats that I have ever seen! I didn't even know that they could get that huge!
Grace and bear!
Hayden posing on the rock!
Dax wanted a picture taken there as well!!
The new baby elephant born that summer!!
Dax in front of the Cheetah exhibit which was also new to us!!
A closer picture of the cheetahs!!
The momma and her baby!
My babies watching the baby!!
Gene giving Asher a ride!!
As we came through downtown on our way home, we stopped at the canal. They had a September 11th Memorial that was set up, so we decided to see it! It was definitely sobering and something that is very hard to explain to kids.
It's important for them to know our history though, so I'm glad we saw it!!
These are actual beams that were from the Trade towers.
I can't believe that it's been 11 years since this happened!
We took a little walk along the canal as well. Gene and I got engaged on this canal so it has some wonderful memories!!
We got engaged in this spot!!
My awesome hubby and I!!
I love him!!

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Stephen and Michelle said...

Zoos are awesome! Looks like you had a great time!