"How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord, my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God." Psalm 84:1-2

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy day..........

Tuesday was a busy day for us at the Luidhardt household!! It was Gene's day off so we usually have lots to do to make sure we use his time off wisely!!!! Dax had his first dentist appt. with our pediatric dentist to make sure everything is coming in okay! It was at 8:20 am (his appt) and Dax woke up with a fever and was not in a good mood so we gave him some medicine and hoped he would feel better. ( We didn't' know what was causing his fever) He screamed the whole time Dr. Talyor was looking his mouth!! Dax has 4 teeth in completely and only two others poking through so he is definitely a late teether!! (he is 15 months) The doctor said it looks like he has an overbite, he has thick gum tissue which is making it harder for his teeth to come in and his bottom two teeth are overlapping a bit!! Everything else looks great and pretty much we can't do anything about these other things until he is older!!

Our second appt for the day was for Dax again. He had his well child checkup for 15 months!! He still continued to have a fever but we took him anyway!! He was miserable and the doctor noticed that his throat looked very sore!! She said that a virus is going around causing these symptoms and it looked like he had it!! He weighed 23 lbs 4 oz which puts him in the 25% for his age which is the lowest percent I have every received for my kids!! He is of course very tall for his age and off the charts again for height! ( greater then 95% being 33 1/4 inches) I had to reschedule shots because he was so miserable for two weeks from today!! Basically, he slept, cried and rested at home the rest of the day with dad!

Grace and I went on some errands while they stayed at home! Our first stop was at the farmer's market where we picked up some apples with my sister! Second stop was to Best buy where we brought our camera to see if they could fix it! Let me just say that we are impressed with Best Buy once again!! I walked in and a manager asked me what was wrong with the camera and he then told his workers to get me a new camera!! I thought they would send it away to get fixed...... I did not expect to get a brand new camera and it is actually an upgrade!!! We had Fine Pix A345 and our new one is Fine Pix A400!! That was a blessing!! Below is a picture!!

Our second errand was to get her soccer stuff!! She will be starting soccer very soon so she needed some things and they were having a great deal on soccer stuff at Dick's sporting goods!! She was so excited and kept telling everyone about her soccer stuff! Her first game is September 10th!! I am so excited to see her running around and to go to her games!! She will have so much fun!! Below is a picture of her soccer stuff!!

After we battled back home in traffic...... we finally got home to eat dinner that Gene had made!! It was very good and of course Grace wanted to practice with her soccer stuff!! Here is a picture of Grace with our baby kitten, Tiger!

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