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Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Christmas Ornaments and sleepers...

On Christmas Eve we let the kids open up their new pajamas and their new Christmas ornaments! Here are a few of the pictures from that night!

Grace got an Ariel ornament set because she was really into mermaids this year. Dax got a Speed racer one and his 4th Christmas age ornament from Hallmark! (Grace got her final one last year..... they end at 5)

I like Hayden's look in that first picture!

Hayden got his age ornament and a little red tricycle because he loves the one at my mom's house!!

Asher got the most because it's his first Christmas! We always get them the Precious Moment's one for that year, he got his first Hallmark age one and this super baby one because it was so cute!!


The Knapp's said...

Annie, I still cannot figure out how you post with the pictures all different sizes like you do! I love it and wish that I could figure it out! You said that you resize them and then post them, but do you copy them first so that they are regular size in your computer albums? I love how you do this!!!

The Knapp's said...

Jak has Dax's jammies, too! We weren't sure when we bought them since they are sorta random colors but they look so cute on, and he loves them because they are balls!

I have never heard of the Hallmark age ornament, either. I'll have to look into that, thanks for the idea!