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Monday, May 18, 2009

Cloth Diapers.....

If you guessed Cloth Diapers on "What was new?" then you guessed right!!!!!
Yeah for you guys!
So here's the deal.......after taking the Dave Ramsey Class we were inspired to do everything we could to save money and in that process..... Cloth diapering became one of them.
It's funny because I never let myself say that I won't ever do something.
I don't use that phrase because as soon as I say it............God seems to bring me to that place! ;)
For some odd reason, I truly thought it would be safe to say I would never do cloth diapers, mostly because I am so busy already and would never have the time for it. Well, my mind has totally changed about it and it hasn't been that bad at all.
Now, let me tell you that I am by far no expert in cloth diapering and really don't know what I am doing! :) I use the cloth diapers during the day at home but still use disposables at night time and when we go out. Oh, and Asher is the only one using them currently. It's definitely saving us money mostly because I got them FREE from a friend!! 20+ cloth diapers!!!! They are actually about 25 years old but still working fine.
So now I am wondering if I say the phrase, I would never want to win a trip to Hawaii it might come true!!! ;)
Have you ever did something that you said you would never do?


The Eaglewoman said...

annie, i am SO glad you are using cloth diapers!!! this is something i SOOO have always wanted to do when we have children. SO good for the environment and SO good for the baby - in my opinion. ;) awesome! you'll have to let me know what you think the cost savings is, too. i'm curious about that part!

love ya!

Mary said...

I love his little face...he is so cute...way to go on cloth diapers! I am also interested in them, when we have kids...

Stephen and Michelle said...

I am so glad it is going well for you!

Michelle M. said...

Yeah for cloth! I am so glad that you have made the switch. It is wonderful that you were able to get so many for free. That makes a huge difference, too. And I've got to say, nothing beats the cloth diaper booty- it is the cutest thing!